28 August 2010

Lemon Pistachio Nougat

The original recipe comes from the December 2002 edition of "Gourmet Traveller" magazine, and was actually for a clementine and almond nougat. I just substituted the almonds for pistachios, and the clementines for Cedro* and own-made candied lemons.

What you will need, more than anything else is a stand mixer with a good motor, or a strong arm! The egg white/syrup mixture has to be whipped till quite thick and by the time you add your dry ingredients, it becomes rather stiff. My kitchenaid only just managed it. The other thing is to have your ingredients all measured and ready to go, because the mixture starts to harden quite quickly so you don't want to be caught out trying to chop your candied lemons etc at the end.

* Cedro is the Italian term for the candied fruit of a citron tree. It has a deep, musky citrus flavour.

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